Sex education teaching resources

(that make teaching fun for everyone)

There are some incredible sex education teaching resources available, that can help to make teaching kids about the ‘birds and bees’ easier, more effective and a whole lot more fun!

Here you’ll find a wide variety of different teaching aids that will help when working with children, adults and people with a disability. You’ll also find some teaching materials that can be used with teenagers and adults as well!

You won’t find any curriculums or lesson plans. This page is all about hands-on teaching aids and tools.

Different links will also be provided as to where you can purchase these invaluable teaching aids. I’ve had to leave some of my favourite teaching resources out of this list as they are no longer available for sale. So you will only find resources that are readily available. You’ll also find links as to where to buy them at the best possible price. Which means you can even more resources than you really need. LOL, how many penises or vulva’s does a sex educator really need? I have lots, and I still keep on buying them! 

These teaching resources are listed alphabetically as it was just too hard to sort them into topics.  Sorry! New resources will be added to the top of this list.

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And please let me know if you know of any teaching resources, tools, aids or materials that you think should be included. You can get in touch here.

3D Reproductive models

These 3D reproductive models are a great teaching resource. They used to be very expensive but are now much more affordable to buy (if you know where to look).

image of female reproductive organ teaching aid, side view
3d female reproductive model

4D Human Anatomy Male Reproductive System

This teaching aid is the one I chose but there are many other types available. They are available as a side or frontal view. I like these as an alternative to a printed illustration. They are great for illustrating where a tampon or menstrual cup might sit, how periods might work, vaginal intercourse, vaginal discharge/secretions, ovulation and much more.

You can buy a range of these 3D reproductive male models from Ebay (or the Australian Ebay).

3d male reproductive model

3D Reproductive Male Models

This teaching tool is the one I chose but there are many other types available. Make sure you check carefully as some include different stages of cancer eg prostate lesions. And it is very difficult to find one where the vas deferens is fully visible on one side, as for most models, it leads from the testicles to behind the bladder. I like these as an alternative to a printed illustration, especially if the 3D model is lifesized.

You can buy a range of these 3D reproductive male models from Ebay (or the Australian Ebay).

4d Human Anatomy Puzzles of the Male and Female Reproductive System and Pregnancy

These 4D Human Anatomy Puzzles by Famemaster, of the male and female reproductive system, are fantastic. And so much fun to put together! The male model is half-size (half the lifesize for an adult male) and includes a sperm. The female model is life-size and includes an egg. There is a high level of detail and they are of medical education quality. I love the fact that you can view the reproductive system as one unit or as many small parts. This is a fantastic resource for teaching about the reproductive system, for explaining erections, periods and much more!

There are also some pregnancy models available. There is one that is just of the torso and another of just the pelvis. The pelvis model includes the breasts and it’s different parts. I don’t own these two models but the Amazon reviews about them are positive! These are a fantastic sex education teaching aid.

4D Human Anatomy Puzzle male reproduction

4D Human Anatomy Male Reproductive System

You can buy the 4D Human Anatomy Male Reproductive System from Amazon and Ebay (or the Australian Ebay).

4D Human Anatomy Puzzle female reproduction

4D Human Anatomy Female Reproductive System

You can buy the 4D Human Anatomy Female Reproductive System from Amazon and Ebay (or the Australian Ebay).

anatomical model of the pregnant pelvic 4d puzzle

4D-Pregnancy Pelvis Model

You can buy the 4D-Pregnancy Pelvis Model from Amazon and Ebay (or the Australian Ebay).

anatomical model of the pregnant torso as a 4D puzzle

4D Human Anatomy Female Reproductive System

You can buy the 8” Half Cleared Pregnancy Torso Model from Amazon and Ebay (or the Australian Ebay).

anatomy apron teaching aid

Anatomy Apron

The Anatomy Apron by Tessa Sanderson from Cyclical Wisdom is an apron with a lifesize representation of the uterus and it’s associated parts.

This is a great teaching resource that can be used to teach girls about their fertility and the menstrual cycle.  Tessa has put a lot of thought into the design, with a period that you can pull out and an egg on a thread so you can show it travelling along the Fallopian tube. It’s made of felt and hand stitched.

You can buy this apron directly from Cyclical Wisdom  (approx 45 pound + shipping).

Anatomically correct dolls

Anatomically correct dolls can be an invaluable teaching resource, especially when working with children or anyone with an intellectual disability. There is a wide range of different dolls available, representing a culturally diverse population.

These dolls are fantastic for showing the different types of sexual activities that adults can get up to, as well as talking about the different parts of the body.  Or what happens during puberty…

teach a bodies anatomically correct dolls

‘Teach-A-Bodies’ anatomically correct dolls

The Teach-A-Bodies dolls, that are made in the United States, have been around for a very long time. They are culturally diverse and you’ll find babies, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults and grandparents. You can even find life-sized dolls! You can even roll a condom (finger cot) onto the penis! The adult female comes with a pad and my daughter made her a tampon out of fimo  with the string from a teabag! 
You can buy the Teach-A-Bodies dolls from their creator, Teach-A-Bodies, or secondhand from Ebay (or the Australian Ebay).

anatomically correct dolls teaching resource

Anatomically correct dolls by Home Plush Toys

These anatomically correct dolls, by Home Plush Toys, are a pair of sex education dolls with genitals and body hair. They have 6 dolls. A girl, a boy, an adult female, an adult male, grandmother and grandfather. You can find their product description here. 

You can buy these dolls directly from the manufacturer, by either messaging them on their facebook page or contacting them through their website.
 Family Planning Hong Kong also sells a different version of anatomically correct dolls in two sizes.


There are lots of books that show the diversity of the genitals. Here are some favourites.

cover of bare reality breasts book sex education teaching tools

Bare reality: 100 women, their breasts, their stories by Laura Dodsworth

Bare reality: 100 women, their breasts, their stories by Laura Dodsworth is a book filled with colour photographs of breasts. Breasts of all shapes, sizes and colour. A great teaching aid for normalising the diversity in breasts and nipples.
You can buy a copy of Bare reality: 100 women, their breasts, their stories from Book Depository or Amazon.

cover of femalia by joani blank

Femalia by Joani Blank

Femalia by Joani Blank is one of the earlier books with photographs of vulvas. These photos are in full colour and reflect a group of women diverse in age, race, ethnicity and childbearing status. They are a good source of teaching materials for normalising the diversity in vulvas. Femalia is one of the many educational books available with images of the vulva.

You can buy a copy of Femalia fromBook Depository or  Amazon.

cover of Manhood the bare reality laura dodsworth sex education teaching materials

Manhood: The Bare Reality by Laura Dodsworth

Manhood: The Bare Reality by Laura Dodsworth is a book of penises. You’ll find lots of colour photos of non-erect penises of all different shapes, sizes and colours. The focus of the book is to normalise the diversity in penises and bodies. The personal stories from the models are helpful in regards to normalising the fears and doubts that many people have with their penis. This is an excellent teaching resource for normalising the diversity that can be found in penises.

You can buy a copy of Manhood: The Bare Reality from Book Depository or Amazon.

cover of petals nick karras

Petals by Nick Karras

Petals by Nick Karras is one of the earlier books that portrays photos of real-life vulvas. What I like about this teaching resource book is that the photos are black and white instead of being in full colour. I have found that clients find the black and white images a lot less confronting than the coloured images. And if you want to teach effectively, you need to look at decreasing as many barriers to learning as possible. So using images that aren’t as ‘scary’ are a great way to start. These types of books are invaluable as they normalise the diversity of vulvas and help vulva-owners to understand that they are all very different (their own included).

You can buy a copy of Petals from Book Depository or Amazon.

cover of the facts of life 3d book

The Facts of Life : A three-dimensional study by Jonathan Miller and David Pelham

The Facts of Life : A three-dimensional study by Jonathan Miller and David Pelham, is a vintage book that you can still find and has the most amazing 3D images of the reproductive organs. Great for explaining the anatomy, periods, conception, sexual intercourse, pregnancy and birthing. I see it as a great alternative to a 3D model (a lot smaller to carry with you too). It is one of my favourite sex education teaching resources.

You can buy a copy of The Facts of Life : A three-dimensional study from Ebay (or the Australian Ebay) or Book Depository.  AbeBooks is another option.

Card sets

There are a few card sets that you can use when teaching or working one-on-one with clients. These are great for starting conversations when working individually with clients,  or in a group. 

clitoris models for teaching materials

Clitoris models

The lifesize model of the clitoris has been around for a few years now. There are 2 different styles that are slightly different in regards to the glans and bulb of the clitoris. There is also a larger model that is useful when teaching large groups, mainly because it is large enough for everyone to see.
This 3D clitoris model is useful in both the clinical and educational setting. It is a great tool for illustrating that there is a lot more to the clitoris than the small bit that pokes out. You can also use it for talking about sexual arousal and orgasm. I would love to see a 3D model of it engorged, like in the Illustrated Clitoris Poster Set, but I have yet to see one. 

You can find a range of these models on Etsy.

Condom demonstrators

There are many condom demonstrators available. Too many to list in this list of sex education teaching resources. Condom demonstrators come in a range of different sizes and colours and styles. The best way to find them is to google condom demonstrator and see what is available in your country.

wooden condom demonstrator

Wooden condom demonstrator

These wooden condom demonstrators, made by Family Planning New Zealand, are a sex education teaching aid that has been designed for condom demonstration. They come as a plain shape, or shaped with the glans (head) of the penis.
There are many different types of condom demonstrators, but I like these as they are a lot less threatening than a life-like penis model. Life-like models can make people feel more uncomfortable about a topic, which means they spend more time squirming in their chair instead of relaxing and learning. The shaped model is quite life-like in regards to how they show the glans of the penis, and I often use it when teaching boys about their foreskin and how it separates as they go through puberty. Condom demonstrators are an essential sex education teaching tool.

You can buy the plain and shaped wooden condom demonstrator directly from Family Planning New Zealand.

photo of the banana penis model

Banana Penis condom demonstration model

The Banana Penis condom demonstration model has been around for a very long time. It was even around when I first started working in sexual health about 25 years ago! I love the fact that the penis is cleverly disguised behind the removable banana cover. This model usually always makes people laugh when they first see it, and helps to decrease embarrassment and anxiety in people. Personally, I find the penis too small for condom demonstration as the condom slides on too easily (which is not what happens in real life). So I like to have a range of different sized penises so that people can see that it isn’t always so easy.
Now, a little bit of trivia. I never knew that this sex education teaching tool is actually a funny joke toy that squirts water! And yes, of course my 10 year old son tested it out, and we couldn’t get it to squirt at all!

There are quite a few different models of these, with quite a few cheaper variations to be found on Ebay (of the Australian Ebay). You can also find some on Amazon.

ejaculating penis condom model teaching aid

Ejaculating penis/condom model

penis or condom model that ejaculates so that you can talk about how to apply condoms safely! What a great idea!

There are 2 main types. The economy model which is translucent. Or the Deluxe model that has beige or brown skin tones.

They include UV liquid, syringe and condoms. You would need to add in a UV light torch as well.
These could be a lot of fun and open the scope for many conversations. 
I don’t own this  item but a peer recommended them. (And they are on my ‘things I want” for my next birthday!)

Contraceptive or Birth Control or Family Planning Kits

There are many different Contraceptive or Birth Control or Family Planning Kits. Too many for me to even think about listing! These kits are fantastic for educating people about the different types of contraception and how they work.  They usually include an IUD, an implant, diaphragm, an oral contraceptive pill swatch, the emergency contraceptive pill, condoms, condom demonstrator, dams, vaginal contraceptive ring and lubricant. The teaching materials in this kit will help with teaching people about contraception. There is nothing better than actually showing people what you’re talking about, and to give them the chance to  handle the different methods. 

The best way to find a contraception kit is to google contraception kit or contraceptive kit or family planning kit or birth control kit. Make sure you get one from your own country as there are national differences in drug names and product packaging.

Crocheted reproductive parts

These crocheted reproductive parts from Sara Louisa Burns, AnOptomisticCynic, are a great sex education teaching tool for teaching people about their body parts. You will find both the internal and external reproductive organs and Sara can adapt them according to your own personal needs.

I love these types of resources for a number of different reasons. You can either have them in different flesh tones or bright colours (bright colours means you can have just the one penis as you then don’t need to buy 5 penises that are all in different skin tones). They are informal and non-medicalised, which means that people will usually laugh when they see them, as they are expecting you to use resources that are lifelike, instead of a soft toy. They are also nonthreatening, which means they don’t scare as many clients. As sex educators, I think we easily forget how confronting penises and vulvas can be. They are a great conversation starter and are great to use with children as they are a PG version of the sexual organs. Talking to children about their body parts is one of the core topics in sex education.

These are the crocheted reproductive parts that I have but she also makes a fetus, placenta, egg and sperm.

crocheted penis model with and without foreskin


There are 2 types of penises: intact (uncut, non circumcised) and circumcised (cut). These come in a range of colours and you can have the sizing changed if required. You can buy the penis with a foreskinwithout a foreskin or with removable testicles  from Sara’s Etsy store.

crocheted testicles scrotum model

Scrotum and testicles

 You can buy the testicles and scrotum separately or together. They come in a range of different colours. You can buy the scrotum and/or testicles from Sara’s Etsy store.

crocheted uterus vagina vulva model

Uterus and vagina

You can buy the uterus and vagina separately or together. Together they include the vagina, vaginal canal, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. You can buy the uterus alone or with the vagina from Sara’s Etsy store.

crocheted breast model


You can buy the breasts as a pair or alone. You can even buy the nipples as a brooch. My breast is missing and despite offering my kids money to find it, it is still missing, so the photos here are from Sarah. You can buy the breasts and nipples from Sara’s Etsy store.

crochet breast model with different nipples

Crocheted breast model (with 3 nipple types)

This crocheted breast model, from Maria of MilkMamaMilk, is a set of 3 breast models, depicting a flat, inverted and protruding nipple.
I love this teaching tool as it helps to normalise the diversity in breasts and nipples. These models are very popular with those working in birthing and breastfeeding niches. I find them very handy for when talking about puberty, as you can show people how much nipples can vary.

You can order these breast models from Maria’s Etsy store, MilkMamaMilk. They ship worldwide and you can request custom colours.

crocheted vulva model teaching aid

Crocheted Vulva from UN|HUSHED

This is the only handmade model that I have found that was designed by a sex educator. It is sold by UN|HUSHED  and made by sex educator Jessica Smarr.

Every vulva comes with slight variation in buttons, folds, and vaginal depth. They are also large enough to use for tampon demonstations. This feature I really like, as tweens and teens find first tampons very stressful, and to have a vulva model that is non- threatening is very important. 

Average Dimensions: Height = 6″, Width across = 4″, Vaginal Depth = 3″ to 4″
You can buy this vulva from the Unhushed online shop

egg and sperm soft toy

Egg and Sperm by Giant Microbes

Giant Microbes make plush organisms and cells. The egg and sperm model have been around for a while. They are a useful prop for explaining conception. These egg and sperm would also make a great soft toy for a new baby! (wink, wink)
Plus they have a huge range of sexually transmitted infections, stem cells, DNA and more.

You can buy the sperm and egg sex education teaching aid from Giant Microbes or from Ebay (or the Australian Ebay).

i hear guts plushies teaching tool

I Heart Guts

The plushies by I Heart Gutshave been around for a long time, with new ones being added all the time.
The have some outside parts (vulva, penis) as well as lots of the inside parts (cervix, testicles, rectum, ovaries, etc) plus a placenta.

Soft toys like this are very useful for teaching, and are a nice alternative to lifelike medical models.
You can buy these plushies  directly from I Heart Guts or from Ebay (or the Australian Ebay).

anatomical illustrations for teaching kids about bodies teaching aid

Illustrated Reproductive Organs for Children (Educator’s Set)

It is very difficult to find illustrations of the internal and external reproductive organs that are anatomically correct and age-appropriate for children.
These illustrations by Sex Ed Rescue have been created to provide parents  and educators with a resource that can be used to teach children about their bodies. They are diversity friendly with children of different, cultures, skin colour, and ability. 

The genitals are illustrated with various degrees of detailing e.g. 3 vulva drawings ranging from very simple to detailed. Which means that you’ll be able to maintain full control over just how much detail you would like to share.
You can find the  Illustrated Reproductive Organs for Children (Educator’s Set) in the Sex Ed Rescue shop. 

Kitchcocks flying penis geese on a wall

Kitchcocks “The Birds”

Kitchcocks “The Birds” is not a sex education teaching material. It is just something beautiful that you can hang on your wall. I love the artists play on turning vintage flying geese into flying penises! From a distance they look like flying geese, but it is only when you get close that you can actually tell that they are penises. I would love to see a set of geese with the wings as a vulva (I’ll have to keep nagging the artist, Dieter Barry, about that again!)

You can buy your own set of Kitchcocks from DieterBarryCreations. You can also request them in custom colours too! I have some in the colour of a rainbow lorikeet! He does ship worldwide and just let him know if he doesn’t have shipping listed for your country, and he will add it. Dieter is a lovely guy and is very approachable!

Knitted reproductive parts

These knitted genitals and reproductive organs by Laurie from Viva Doula are fantastic. You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the design of them.  Make sure you look at her shop as she has birthing resources (placentas, uteruses, etc) as well as a few custom items (like a male anal anatomy model). I have asked her to make me a penis model with a foreskin that retracts like the real thing. I’ll add it to this list when it is made! They all come in a range of different skin tones.

I love these handmade ‘craft’ versions of genitals as they make teaching so much easy. You don’t have to worry about shocking people with lifelike models, and they are accurate enough to be able to teach correctly.  And they are perfect for illustrating concepts like, how to insert a menstrual cup or a tampon.

knitted breast model with retractable nipple


This breast is unique in that it has a nipple that you can retract, just by pulling a string!
You can buy the breast from Laurie’s Etsy store.


Uterus and vagina

 I love the way that the vagina separates from the uterus. This model includes the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina and vulva.

 You can buy the uterus and vagina from Laurie’s Etsy store.


Clear vagina

This vagina is perfect for illustrating that the vagina is a cavity that can be filled. Perfect for illustrating menstrual cup and tampon insertion. 
You can buy the clear vagina from Laurie’s Etsy store.



This penis has a detailed glans, and the testicles are palpable through the scrotum. It is firm enough to demonstrate the use of condoms.

You can buy the penis from Laurie’s Etsy store.

Magno-mate reproductive kit

Magno-mate Reproductive Kit from Sexual Health Quarters

The original Magnel Kit by Japan Family Planning Association is no longer available, so Sexual Health Quarters (formerly Family Planning Western Australia) have created their own version, the Magno-mate Reproductive Kit. The new set is very similar to the original, and includes some extra magnets that aren’t in the original Magnel Kit.

I don’t own this teaching material but I have used the original set extensively in the clinical setting, and found it an amazing resource. I loved the fact that the magnets were life-sized, and you could hold the board in front of you, and demonstrate what was on the inside under the clothes and skin. It is an expensive sex education teaching resource but it will last forever!

You can buy the Magno-mate Reproductive Kit directly from 
Sexual Health Quarter.

MamAmor dolls

MamAmor Dolls

The MamAmor dolls, by Canadian Adriana Guerra, are a beautiful soft doll that can be used to talk about breastfeeding, pregnancy and birthing. The doll can be pregnant, have a vaginal or caesaerian birth, and breastfeed the baby. The baby is attached to a placenta that can be easily removed plus it can be attached to the breast and breastfed.

These dolls are culturally diverse and can be customised. They now come in 2 sizes, with a midwife doll and her birthing accessories.
These wonderful tools for teaching adults and children about birthing, pregnancy and breastfeeding. They are not anatomically correct. They would also make a great gift for a child who is expecting a new sibling. Especially when combined with some books about pregnancy.

You can buy these beautiful MamAmor dolls from their Etsy store, MamAmorDolls.

Realistic genital models

There is a wide range of silicone genitals (or sex toys) available. The challenge is in finding a penis that is realistically sized and a vulva that hasn’t had cosmetic surgery.

lifelike penis model

Realistic Penis model (circumcised)

There are many realistic circumcised penis models that are sex toys. This one, was the smallest that I could find at the time. Sometimes it is handy to have a lifelike model of the penis to use, especially when talking about the finer details of the anatomy. And as always, when talking about a body part that makes people squirm or using terminology that they aren’t familiar with, there is lots of opportunity for miscommunication. A lifelike model can help to make communication much clearer.

You could also use this teaching resource to illustrate what an erect penis looks like when the foreskin is retracted.
You can buy this lifelike penis in a range of different colours and sizes from Ebay (or the Australian Ebay).

lifelike penis model with a foreskin

Realistic Penis Model (with retractable foreskin)

 This realistic penis model (which is actually a sex toy), is the only lifelike representation of a penis that includes a retractable foreskin. As with all sex toys, the penis is larger than the average person’s, which means that you need to explain that penises come in different shapes and sizes, and that this one is above average in length and width. This model also comes in different sizes and skin tones.

The foreskin does retract but you need to use a lubricant for it to work. The foreskin is a separate sleeve that is placed over the penis model. It is the perfect teaching aid for sex education and conversations about penises.
You can buy this lifelike penis with a foreskin in a range of different colours and sizes from 
Ebay (or the Australian Ebay).

lifelike vulva model

Realistic Vulva Model

There are many realistic vulva models that are sex toys. This one, which was modelled after porn star Alexis Amor, is my favourite as the labia minora are not super small. Rumours abound that porn stars have had their labia minora surgically trimmed or airbrushed in photos to look smaller, so finding the right vulva model does takes time.
I find that lifelike models of the vulva are very helpful in the clinical setting with sexual pain. It can be difficult for clients to vocalise where exactly their pain might be, but with this model, they are able to pinpoint it both internally and externally. They can also be used as an educational tool, for teaching about the anatomy, sexual arousal, tampon insertion and more. Lifelike models can be a lot more intimidating for many people, but because they look like the real thing, there is less chance of people misinterpreting the information you share. 
You can buy this lifelike vulva from the Australian Ebay. If you live outside Australia, just google ‘Alexis Amore Vibrating Pussy’ or find another model that you like. I would suggest you visit your local Adult shop and have a good look at the available models!

screenshots from SECCA app


The SECCA App is a free innovative resource to support access to relationships and sexuality education for people of all ages and abilities. It can be used by parents to start teaching their child about a wide range of topics pertaining to love, sex, relationships and growing up.

You can access the SECCA App here.

covers of many sex education books for children

Sex Education Books for Children

Sex education books for children make sex education so much easier. I am a huge fan of them and have over 300 sex education books listed and reviewed on my website. To make it easier for you to find the right book, you will find them listed by topic.

Sustainable Period Project Resource Kit illustrations

Sustainable Period Resource Kit

The Sustainable Period Resource Kit is an Australian initiative to help educate people about re-usable and sustainable period products. It is a free resource for Australian schools that includes reusable cloth pads, Lunette menstrual cups, all-cotton disposable pads, Modibodi period underpants, a USB stick containing teaching resources , booklet and flyers. This is a fantastic set of teaching materials that will come in handy for teaching about periods.
You can order the Sustainable Period Resource Kit directly from their website.

I am unaware of any other period supply kits but this blogpost talks about the different types of period products (and where to get free sample kits).

The Illustrated Clitoris Poster Set

The Illustrated Clitoris Poster Set by Dr Vivienne Cass

The Illustrated Clitoris Poster Set by Dr Vivienne Cass are a set of 5 educational posters of the clitoris. The following illustrations are included with an explanatory handbook:
– Outer view of the clitoris and vulva
– Front inner view of the non-erect clitoris
– Side inner view of the non-erect clitoris
– Side inner view of the erect clitoris
– The pelvic muscles of a woman

These sex education teaching aids are useful when teaching about the female reproductive system. They are really good for explaining what the clitoris looks like and how it sits within the pelvis. You can also see how much the clitoris enlarges during arousal. I really like these illustrations, especially the way the female’s legs are included, as they make it easier for clients to work out where things are. As educators, we are very familiar with anatomical illustrations, but for the average person, it can take them a little while to work out where exactly things can sit. It is a bit like looking at a map and trying to work out where exactly it is that you are going. Sometimes you get it straight away, and other times it can take a lot longer to understand it.

There used to be an app of the Illustrated Clitoris but it is no longer available.

You can buy a copy of The Illustrated Clitoris Poster Set directly from the creator, 
Dr Vivienne Cass.

Uterus models

Here are some alternative models of the uterus.

Wombs of Wool

Wombs of Wool by Wendy Caesar

The Wombs of Wool by Wendy Caesar are a beautiful felt model of the female reproductive organs ie uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and vagina with an egg (pearl on thread). It is a great sex education teaching aid that you could use for teaching about the menstrual cycle, ovulation, menstruation, conception and more.

A lot of thought has been put into their design. Red silk can be pulled out of the uterus to represent menstrual blood. One ovary opens up, showing how the ovum (or egg) bursts out of the ovary, with the ovum being represented as a pearl on thread. You can then use the pearl to illustrate how the egg travels down the fallopian tubes and into the uterus.

The Wombs of Wool are a beautiful teaching resource that help to provide a non-medicalised approach to teaching.
Wendy doesn’t have a website but you can email her directly, 
[email protected], to order a Wombs of Wool.

Wombs for Wisdom uterine models

Wombs for Wisdom by Megan Assaf

The Wombs for Wisdom by Megan Assaf are a polymer clay representation of the uterus. They come as the ovulating and menstruation set and the menopause set and are meant to depict the changes that happen to the uterus during ovulation, menstruation and menopause.

Now, this resource went viral in the news a few year ago, with medical experts stating that the uterus does not change in size during menstruation. Megan has sent me the link to the scientific evidence on which she bases these models. Regardless of their accuracy (or not), they are a useful sex education teaching material for teaching adults and tweens about menstruation and their internal anatomy. The set pictured are the ovulating and menstruation set.

You can buy the Wombs of Wisdom directly from the creator.

Vulva models

Here’s some alternative models of the vulva – all made out of fabric (or cloth)

Wondrous vulva puppet

Wondrous Vulva Puppet

The Wondrous Vulva Puppet by Dorrie Lane is an anatomically correct representation of the vulva and vagina. These cushions have been around for about 20 years now, and were the first to be available.

These puppets used to be available in 2 sizes – the original and a smaller one. Dorrie no longer has the smaller sizes listed in her store but you can request a custom order (just make sure you emphasise that it is the smaller size that you want, and not the original size). Some people find the vulva quite threatening, even when it is a soft puppet, and the smaller version can be less confronting for some individuals.

The Wondrous Vulva Puppet is a great sex education teaching material to use with individuals and groups. Being a soft puppet in fabric means that it is a lot less confronting than using a lifelike representation of the vulva.
You can buy the Wondrous Vulva Puppet from 
Dorrie’s etsy store.

Bella Flower anatomical vulva puppet

Bella Flower Anatomical Vulva Puppet

The Bella Flower Anatomical Vulva Puppet, designed by Waratah Karleu an Australian sex therapist, is a handmade cloth model of the vulva and clitoris. It is anatomically correct and provides you with a teaching tool that is fun and non clinical.
The front surface of the Bella Flower puppet shows the outer labia, the inner labia and the clitoral hood, the glans and legs of the clitoris, perineum and vaginal opening. Inside the vagina you’ll find the urethral sponge which is a raised and textured surface and an expandable elastic cervix. The back of the Bella Flower puppet shows the vagina and the clitoral bulbs which extend and wrap around the outer vaginal walls. The clitoris is removable so that you can demonstrate the size and function of the complete clitoris.

The Bella Flower Anatomical Vulva Puppet is a great sex education teaching resource to use with individuals and groups. Being a soft cushion in fabric means that it is a lot less confronting than using a lifelike representation of the vulva.
You can buy the Bella Flower Anatomical Vulva Puppet from Waratah’s Etsy store

vulvalicious cushions

Vulvalicious Cushions by Laura Doe

The Vulvalicious Cushions by Laura Doe are an anatomically correct representation of the internal and external female genitalia. The cushions include the vulva (with inner and outer labia and clitoral hood), clitoris (extended clitoris, vestibular bulbs and perineal sponge), vagina (with G-spot and cervix), urethra, greater and lesser vestibular glands, perineum and anus.

The Vulvalicious Cushion is different to the other soft cushions, as you can palpate the placement of the clitoris through the vulva, which helps with understanding how it sits within the body. You can also insert your fingers into the vagina and palpate the clitoris, g-spot and cervix.

The Vulvalicious Cushion comes in two sizes. The smaller size, the mini, measures approximately 20 x 20 cm. The larger size, the original, measures approximately 40 x 40 cm.
The Vulvalicious Cushion is a great sex education teaching resource to use with individuals and groups. Being a soft cushion in fabric means that it is a lot less confronting than using a lifelike representation of the vulva. Some people find the vulva quite threatening, even when it is a soft cushion, and the smaller version can be less confronting for some individuals.

You can buy the Vulvalicious Cushion directly from Laura Doe’s online shop.

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