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Book Review:  A book for kids that is filled with facts about puberty and growing up.

Book Review

Help Your Kids With Growing Up by DK  is a factual book for tweens and teens that is filled with all the different things that will interest them about puberty, love, sex and relationships.

It provides talking points for parents and discusses a lot of the newer issues that kids face today ie porn, sexting, consent, gender, etc. A great book to have on your shelf as it means that your kids (and you) can turn to it for information and not the internet.

There is another version of this book that is identical on the inside but with a different title - Help Your Kids With Adolescence.

Sexual intercourse is talked about in this book.

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Ideal ages

This book is ideal for kids aged 12 and over.

✅ Buy a copy of Help Your Kids With Growing Up by DK from Amazon or Book Depository.

✅ Buy a copy

You can buy a copy of Help Your Kids With Growing Up by DK from Amazon or Book Depository.

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Video book review

Transcription of the video

Hey, I am Cath Hak from Sex Ed Rescue, and today we are reviewing a book. The book I want to talk to you about is called Help Your Kid with Growing up which came out in August 2017.

This book is by a company called DK, formerly named Dorling Kindersley. It is a British company with most of the experts who provided for this book being British. I believe there are only a couple of American experts who helped with the development. So, it is not written by one person.

For this version, I suppose Robert Winston is the man who wrote the foreword. Other than that, you can only view the consultants at the start of the book, it does not tell you who wrote each section.

What is this book? This book is made for adults. The other title this book goes under is Help Your Kids with Adolescents. Both these books are the same and help with more adult topics. Sex, love, and relationships; all that stuff about growing up.

It has information for kids, parents, and covers a whole range of topics. One example might be the risks pornography poses on a younger mind.

It has lots of really good information. One reason I really like this book is because it gives you the basic information without all that extra stuff. Not only does it talk about the basics, though, but it also breaks it down well.

For example, the chapter on alcohol goes over two pages and gives enough information. Unlike some other books, it does not tell your kids what to do. Rather, it gives them enough information to make their own decision and have background information on the topic.

Something I like is the “Tips and Hint” pages. It gives the reader, whether that is a parent or a teenager, tips and hints on real life information. Or, it essentially busts myths.

Tips and hints about smoking is one, which is useful information to have in the background.

Another is sexting and the dangers it has. For example, if you take a photo of yourself or a friend and the person in the photo is underaged, sharing that photo can lead to serious consequences. Even if it is a photo of yourself, it counts as child pornography which can lead to a criminal record and prison time. For doing this, you can even end up on a sex offenders list.

This is serious stuff that can ruin your entire life. So, it is good this book has information on it.

This is a great book that gets to the point without sugarcoating anything. The age group would be about around twelve-years and older for some of the earlier topics. However, for later parts of the book, I would suggest an age closer to fourteen and above.

Anyway, this book is fantastic. Lots of information in it will not age for some time. It touches on pornography, sexting, and all those more recent issues that teenagers must face with sexuality. Though, with how technology is advancing, who knows.

Without digressing, this is definitely a book to check out. Help Your Kids with Growing Up does have two different titles (The other being Help Your Kids with Adolescence) but they are both the same book. This book cost about $30-$40 AUD, though it is one you may want to consider seriously. Okay, I hope this helps. Cheers.


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