Resources to help take the awkward out of talking to your child about their body, so they grow up feeling educated, confident, and comfortable in their own skin.

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Features 15 CHILD FRIENDLY and anatomically-correct cartoon illustrations of the genitals and internal reproductive organs that are appropriate for children from the age of 3 and up.

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As parents, we can all agree on one thing for sure...

Our children are curious creatures!

And regardless of whether they’re inquiring about the world around them or their own bodies, it’s our job to help guide them in the most responsible and appropriate way possible!

For most parents, this means having a conversation at some point about genitals with their child. Unfortunately, navigating this conversation can be difficult as the last thing you want to do is give your child too much information at too young an age OR inspire them to act inappropriately!

Luckily, these PDF materials take all the worry out this often-dreaded discussion by providing age appropriate cards featuring non-medical and racially diverse illustrations of anatomically correct genitals and internal organs with children of all abilities (wheelchair, walking frame, etc.) being represented!

PLUS, with illustrations depicting various degrees of detailing (e.g. 3 vulva drawings ranging from very simple to detailed), you’ll be able to maintain full control over just how much your child knows… no need to spill all the beans if you deem them too young for certain information!

Here’s a brief look at just some of the things this resource will help you with… 

  • Answering questions your child has about both their body and the opposite sex. 
  • Discussing private parts with children aged 3 and older.
  • Maintaining control over how much your child knows about genitalia.
  • Safeguarding against the potentially confusing or damaging spread of misinformation from peers, television, etc.
  • Responsibly (yet delicately) setting the stage for comfortable sex talks later on in life.
  • Teaching your child the proper names and definitions of genitals via child-friendly labelled illustrations.
  • Providing age-appropriate answers and explanations for common questions relating to topics such as childbirth, erections, periods urination, and so much more.
  • Instilling your child with a sense of body positivity and comfort that will help them grow up to feeling secure and confident in their private anatomy.
  • And so much more!

So, Are You Ready to Start the Conversation With Your Child?

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CLICK HERE to learn more about the Educator's Set of these illustratioons.

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