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The Sex Education Answer Book

Age-specific answers to tough questions kids ask parents about sex

The definitive guide to answering tough questions kids ask parents about sex or sexual intercourse, with by the age responses. Ideal for parents of 3 to 14 year olds. Price includes worldwide shipping.

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Mommy, where do babies come from? It’s the question every parent dreads – and, worse still, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just wait for What’s oral sex? or What’s an orgasm? With kids being so curious and the world being so full of sex, ignoring your child’s questions just isn’t going to cut it – and if you don’t tell them, they’ll (mis)inform themselves elsewhere: the internet, their friends, or through pornography.

It’s far better to meet your children’s questions head-on. But how?

With The Sex Education Answer Book, that’s how. Cath Hakanson has been helping people talk about sex for more than twenty years, and she’s heard it all: every question, every fear, every doubt. Now, she’s decided to put it all together.

The Sex Education Answer Book is the definitive guide to answering your child’s questions, whether they’re three or fourteen. So whether you’re a mother who can’t even say the word ‘penis’ or a father who just needs a nudge in the right direction, you’ll find sensibly-arranged, age-suitable answers to all the questions your child is likely to ask. With chapters organised by age rather than by topic, The Sex Education Answer Book is an easy reference that will demystify sex for both parent and child.

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14 thoughts on “The Sex Education Answer Book”

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    If the thought of speaking to your kids about sex sends you into a cold sweat, then this is the perfect book for you! Cath has taken a sensitive topic and turned it into easy, practical explanations that shall satisfy any child’s curiosity as well as soothe parents need to get it right. If you want to know how to answer your 4 yr olds question about where babies come from or your 9 yr olds question about puberty, then Cath provides age-appropriate responses, that will ensure you can have an open dialogue with your child. It is simple, factual and easy to understand and I think should become every parent’s guidebook to teaching their children about sex and sexuality.

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    Katy, Bexley UK. Mother of 2

    As a mum of two girls I really didn’t know where to start or how to arm myself with the tools I need to help my girls but this book has been invaluable in giving me age appropriate strategies and ideas in order to feel more confident and open to be able to not only answer their questions, but the knowledge to start a conversation too. I feel I’ve given myself the space and tools to be able to focus on this and to build my confidence so I can be natural and relaxed around my girls. It’s so important for me that my girls understand and feel confident so they can be themselves and this book helps me to break down a very complex and daunting subject for me into bite size answers and topics. My girls ask random questions and this book gives you a toolkit to be able to dip in and out when you need it.
    I think this book is a long term resource and I have not just used this once but I find myself coming back to the online version of this book, Sex Ed Quickies, time and time again as my girls grow and develop. As their knowledge unfolds I will refer back to the book constantly to be able to check in and see what I need to understand so that I can position this appropriately for my children.
    I like the fact this book also gave me answers to questions I would not even have dreamed of thinking about so I feel really informed and prepared and it’s like I’ve got this toolkit of ideas and answers with me now and I can dip in and out as I need to and as my children develop.
    I think for me the biggest thing was knowing where to start as the whole topic to me feels overwhelming and daunting. The great thing about this book is that not only does it give you practical tools, ideas and confidence but it gave me the starting point to be able to think about this topic and it breaks down the thoughts and questions into answers and ideas that are really useful and that you can use every day in real life. For me it took the fear out this topic and it made me feel like I don’t have to have all the answers but just be relaxed and open and willing to talk to my girls openly so we can use the book to work this out together. It’s a really great, practical and confidence building resource.

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    Cath Hakanson has successfully managed to provide, accurate and comprehensive information about a complex topic, laid out in simple, useful and easy to read language. Complete with indexed format – specific to each age and stage of development. An extremely difficult undertaking only a professional with her extensive background could achieve.

    She has provided parents with not only the simplest answers about Human Sexuality and Sex, but has also added a couple of extra layers of optional detail as well. This means parents can pick and choose the responses that are most suitable for their specific family conversations and circumstances. This book should be every parent’s ‘go to’ as far as examples of actual wording for answers to the often dreaded Sex and Human Sexuality questions when they arise. I have not seen a book that addresses Sex and Sexuality conversations by age group so succinctly. Cath’s extensive experience and research means parents can completely rely on the quality and relevancy of the content. will be highly recommending this book to parents.

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    Nathan, Perth, father of 1 boy!

    My son has yet to ask me any questions about sex, so reading this book has helped me to prepare for the impeding onslaught! This book is absolutely a resource that I will refer to in the future. I can see myself going back to it every six months or so, to stay prepared but also so that I can reflect on where my child’s development might have moved on from one age group to another.
    I found the ‘getting started’ section of the book to be very informative. It immediately put me at ease, in that I now understand that by answering my child’s questions in a measured way, that I might prevent some visits to the internet to satisfy such curiosities. Which is a big priority. The book removed the ‘fear of the unknown’ in many respects, and left me with the feeling that addressing my child’s questions need not be difficult or uncomfortable. The book put me at ease in that it has prepared me for the day I am asked such questions by my son.

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    Tiffany, North Carolina, Mother of an 8 year old girl

    I found the book very easy to read and comprehend. The format makes it very easy to find the answers for your aged child. My daughter is 8, and not as mature, so I read the 7 and 8 yo sections.
    I’m always going to have fears when it comes to answering my daughter’s questions, but this book has removed a great deal of those fears. I especially like the exercises to do in front of the mirror and am going to start doing those. It definitely gives me the confidence to answer my daughter’s questions. I’m not quite as nervous knowing I have this book as a resource and will be using it as a resource until my daughter out grows it!! I really enjoyed reading this book. It has helped me a great deal learning what is age appropriate information to share with my daughter.

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    Cath talks to you on a personal level that makes you feel comfortable about approaching sex talk with your child. I love that Cath has integrated a consistent talking base to each age level, with age appropriate additions that build on the original principles clearly set out for you to understand and feel at ease. You don’t need to read from 3 year old to 14 year old in one hit. It is a go to book for times when you need of talk to your child about sex on their age level.

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    This is an EPIC resource for parents – take the confusion, pressure, embarrassment and fear out of connecting with your kids and answering their sex related questions in an age appropriate way! This is going to become a household bible! Thanks Cath for bringing all your experience, knowledge together into one place! Your appreciation and commitment to support parents to create connected and open relationships with our kids is so valued – I now know my kids can come to me with ANY concerns and questions and I feel supported to answer them in a confident way!

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    I talk to couples everyday about Sex and Relationship in my therapy practice ( and have found that once they start to become more at ease talking about this intimate topic ( yes, adults often feel awkward talking about sex to each other) they often ask me how to talk to their kids about sex. They don’t want their kids feeling embarrassed or ashamed or uninformed. I don’t have children nor do I regularly talk to children about sex. Therefore I have been referring them to Cath’s website for a few years now and am thrilled to be able to suggest her latest book as an invaluable resource for answering questions about sexuality and reproduction. I love Cath’s matter of fact, down to earth attitude and the simplicity with which she breaks down the questions into age- appropriate answers that are neither too much information, nor too little to satisfy the young curious mind. Cath’s approach is sex positive and educational which is what children need in order to grow up without the misinformation, mis-education and shame of previous generations. I highly recommend following her blog and reading her book with your kids!

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    Sophie Oostermeyer

    This book is a must have in every home. I am a mother of 2 girls aged 4 and 6 and it’s already been a valuable resource in helping answer those awkward questions about Sex. It’s gives you age appropriate answers and Helps give you the confidence about the best way to approach these conversations with your kids. I’m so glad I have this book. Its defiantly going to be one that I keep going back to as the girls grow up, as they ask more questions. The book has already made me feel I will be ready for any conversation With the girls. Thanks Cath!!

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    Ellen Hannigan (Mother of 2 year old)

    I just finished this AMAZING book…. And have already recommended it to all friends and family with kids. It was so easy to read, so straight forward and makes the conversation of sex seem so simple. I think we over analyse how tough this may be and Cath has just answered everything perfectly. My daughter is only 2 but is already curious. I am no longer afraid of talking to her in future having this book on hand as a reference quide. Thank you Cath. I simply love this book.

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    I have found this book to be so helpful. It reassured me to trust my instincts on approaching this with my daughter by giving her information at her own pace and never more than she needs to know to answer what she is really asking. The suggestions of wording are so useful and I’ve found I’m confirtable with everything the book offers. I also love that tiger what I need idiot have to read it cover to cover and that it will continue to be helpful year by year. Thank you Cath for such a valuable resource!

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    Most talk about sex happen by accident, when you’re least prepared. Going through Cath’s book has left me feeling so prepared. Cath has removed the taboo around sex and and touched on so much more that we hardly think of that could come up from our curious minds. It makes one know and feel that talking about sex is not as scary as it feels.

    This book leaves you empowered enough to start conversations around sex with the kids, regardless of what age they are. It is not only a glossary of q&a’s. It’s a training course that empowers parents to talk about sex dispelling the myths and taboos around it. I highly recommend this book and will be telling my friends and family about it!

    Thank you so much Cath for this book. It’s amazing and can’t wait to read your next one.

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    Nisansala (mother of 4 year old girl and 7 year old boy)

    A parent’s security blanket when answering inquisitive children!

    Such a relief to find a book with answers that are quick to find and options that I can be comfortable with. The introduction gives a great foundation before diving in to the detail. And I also took away a new awareness around gender inclusive language. So much more to sex ed than what we learnt at school! Not quite as good as someone else handling these conversations for us ….but probably the next best thing!

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    I’ve let a few teachable moments go by us in the past, but now i feel better equipped for the job! I have a 4 and 6 year old boys. I love that there’s age appropriate info for all age groups.

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