Is your child ready for the puberty talk?

Find out in just 2 minutes with this short quiz

When should I talk to my child about puberty?

A lot of parents struggle with knowing whether it is time to talk to their child about puberty (or not). And they worry about whether they are doing the right thing (or not).

Will I say too much and overwhelm them?

Will I say too little and misinform them?

Do boys need to understand puberty differently than girls?

How do I approach the topic without embarrassing them, or myself?

What if my child shows no interest, or covers their ears while walking away?

This Puberty Quiz is designed to help you work out whether your child is ready to learn about puberty? And if they are, how to get started!

Find out if your child is ready to learn about puberty in just 2 minutes with this Parent Quiz!

Has your child had a growth spurt recently? Or suddenly gained weight?
Where it feels like overnight, they've grown taller, outgrown their clothes or gone up a shoe size (or two)?

Is your child moody lately?
Have you noticed that they're a lot more cranky than usual? Fighting with their sibling (or you) more than normal? Or they're moodier than they usually are?
Is your child smelly?
Are you noticing that they are starting to smell of BO (body odour)? With sweaty armpits? Especially after they've been playing sport or running around a lot?
Is your child starting to get pimples? Or blackheads on their face?
Does your child have pubic hair? Or armpit hair?
Does your child have breast buds? 
Where they are starting to get soft little mounds on their chest? And they're shy about them or worried that they're growing breasts?
(This question is relevant for both male and female children)
Have you noticed any signs of puberty in your child's friends? Or in kids of a similar age?
Where they are suddenly taller or a bit chubbier, smelling of BO, pimply, showing breast buds or their parents are complaining of them being moody?
How old is your child?

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