When will my first period start?

Find out in just 2 minutes with this short quiz

When will I start my first period?
A Quiz for tweens

Feeling unsure about when your first period will start? Find out in just 2 minutes with this first period quiz.
(If you’re a parent, you might find my parent guide helpful with preparing your child for puberty)

How old are you?

Are you about the same age your mum was, when she had her first period?
(Plus or minus a year)

Have you started to grow pubic hair or armpit hair?
(Pubic hair is  hair that grows down below, around your vulva.)
Have you started to grow breasts?
Have you started to feel wet down below? Between your legs?
You might notice it when you go to the toilet, or think you have wet yourself (but you haven't), or you might notice some white or yellow patches in the crutch of your underpants. Or it can feel sticky. (This is called vaginal discharge.)
Has this wetness started sometime in the last 6 months?
Have you noticed if you've been more wet lately?
Like when you go to the toilet and wipe yourself with toilet paper, there might be more wetness then what you usually have. Or you might notice that the wetness happens more often than it used to. Or more white/yellow patches in your underwear than you've had before.

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