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cover of Ready, Set, Grow! book by Lynda Madaras

Ready, Set, Grow! book by Lynda Madaras

Ready, Set, Grow! book by Lynda Madaras is a puberty book that has been written with the younger girl in mind. Some girls are starting to show the signs of puberty from as young as eight. Which means that they require a book that isn’t too overwhelming with information that is laid out in an age-appropriate way. And at a reading level that they can manage.

Ready, Set, Grow! book by Lynda Madaras was released in 2003, which means that it is about 14 years old.  The author has also published other books on puberty for older girls – My Body, My Self for Girls and The “What’s happening to my body” book for girls.

Because this is a book that is designed for younger children, it doesn’t talk about sex. A common theme in puberty books is to also talk about sex. Because puberty is all about the body being able o reproduce, it is logical to include information about sex. The problem though, is that when you have a younger child starting to show signs of puberty, she is not really all that interested in learning about sex. So resources like this Ready, Set, Grow! book are important, especially with puberty happening earlier for some girls. They’re not ready to hear about all this sex stuff. They just want to know about the changes that will be happening to their bodies.

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So whenever you see a book that says it’s for younger girls, you can almost guarantee that there won’t be any mention about sex. So it talks about the fact that you’re becoming a woman, you’re changing to an adult body, but it doesn’t give the nitty gritty details about sex. The book is very age-appropriate. So when you actually look inside it, you can see that there are lots of different images inside and the text is broken up into small sections. Which means that is easy to read. Ready, Set, Grow! book is a nice little thick book with about 120 pages, with an index at the back so that you can find information more easily.

Ready, Set, Grow! book by Lynda Madaras follows a similar format to the author’s other books. It starts off with the fact that puberty is all about change ie changing from a child to an adult. It then goes onto breasts, talking about bras and all the stuff that happens there.

Next, we go onto hair, because these are the things that kids first notice. They notice that they’re getting hair down there and that they are growing breasts. They’re also growing taller as well. The book also talks about the fact that you also gain weight because the body is getting ready for child-bearing – which means wider hips.

Ready, Set, Grow! book then talks about body odour and pimples. It also talks about some of the other things that can happen too. Like what changes happen with the private parts (genitals), both inside and outside. Then moving onto getting your period and also a little bit of safety stuff at the back in regards to sexual harassment, keeping yourself safe and all that sort of stuff. It also talks about the embarrassment of having a period, who to tell and the different products to use.

Ready, Set, Grow! book by Lynda Madaras has got a whole lot of information in it. It has a Q&A section at the end of each chapter. For example, things like ‘My best friend is tall and skinny, it doesn’t matter how much she eats. Sometimes I hate her. Why are some people born to be thin?’.

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And before you choose a puberty book, like Ready, Set, Grow! book by Lynda Madaras, you want to make sure that it is the right book for you and your child! There are a lot of books out there and what is right for me may not necessarily be the right book for you!

In summary

Ready, Set, Grow! book by Lynda Madaras is a nice little puberty book for younger girls who are starting to show early signs of puberty. It keeps the content just to puberty, which means that sex isn’t talked about. Which means less overwhelm for younger girls.

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