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The Family Book by Todd Parr

Book Review: The Family Book by Todd Parr is an inclusive book for younger kids that helps to normalise the diversity that can be found in families (including theirs).

Book Review

A short overview of this book

The Family Book by Todd Parr is a great resource for helping younger kids to understand that families can come in all shapes and sizes.

The book is in the typical simplistic Todd Parr style and outlines the different types of families and how different families do different things. So the message is that everyone is different and that’s okay. 

So it is a great book for using with littlies, with starting those very first conversations about families and diversity.

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Ideal ages

What’s the ideal age for this book?

The Family Book by Todd Parr is ideal for children between the ages of 3 – 6 years of age.

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Where can you buy a copy of this book?

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You can buy a copy of ​The Family Book by Todd Parr from Amazon or Book Depository.

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