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sample of the transgender paperdolls coloured in and cut out

Transgender (or gender diverse) paper dolls

These transgender paper dolls will help with talking about gender and stereotypes!

Paper dolls have been around for a very long time.

I remember playing with them when I was a child. I had some that were of Raggedy Anne and Andy. I used to play with them for hours!

Raggedy Anne had long hair, and only wore dresses. Whereas Raggedy Andy had short hair and only wore pants. Their gender was clearly dictated by their hair and clothes and I never questioned it (that I recall).

Nowadays, things are very different in regards to how we talk about gender, with a lot of gender stereotypes now being broken.

Today we tell kids that it is okay for boys to have long hair. Yes, most boys have short hair but some boys have long hair, and that’s okay. Just like it is okay for girls to have short hair.

These paper dolls are gender diverse and suitable for all children, especially those who are transgender, gender fluid or gender questioning. If all this jargon is confusing,  you can get clear by reading this article on how to explain transgender to a child.

You’ll find more information about sex education in my Sex Education 101 page.

These transgender paper dolls are similar to these free printable paper dolls. The only difference is that there are 4 dolls in this set.

The child with short hair is available with a penis or with a vulva.

The child with long hair is available with a penis or vulva.

Which means that you can print the doll that suits your needs.

You can also download some Intersex resources (paper dolls).

And the clothes fit all of the dolls.

Which means that the paper doll with a penis can wear a dress or a dinosaur t-shirt with shorts. And the paperdoll with a vulva can dress up as a fairy or a pirate.  They can wear whatever clothes they want to!

Which means that you can encourage your child to play with dolls that don’t have gender stereotypes. Inclusive dolls that will make all children happy. Except they really do need some onesies to wear! A tiger would be pretty cute. Or a unicorn!

These transgender paper dolls are inclusive and suitable for all children to play with regardless of their gender or sex!

About the Author Cath Hakanson

I'm Cath, a sex educator living in Australia with my husband and 2 kids. I help parents to talk about sex (with less cringe and more confidence) and to empower their child to make smart sexual decisions. You can join my online parent support group here and visit my shop for helpful resources.

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