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Where do Babies Come From? by Usborne Books

Where do Babies Come From? Lift & Flap (First Answers & Questions) by Usborne Books provides a simple explanation of the facts of life to small children.

This is a fantastic little first book that will satisfy a young child’s curiosity about where babies come from. It explains it very simply and does not talk about sexual intercourse.

This book explains where a baby comes from (inside the mother), how a baby is made (sperm from daddy and egg from mummy join together), how the baby got inside the tummy (sperm from daddy joined with the egg from mummy), when babies are born, what babies need, how they grow up, and what kids might be when they grow up.

It doesn’t talk about how the sperm got inside mummy!

I like the fact that it includes animals, as it softens the topic for parents and lets kids know that everyone has babies, not just humans.

You’ll also find some resources on the website that might help with explaining where babies come from. There is also a parent guide that helps with explaining sexual intercourse.

Where do Babies Come From? by Usborne Books is ideal for children between the ages of 3 – 5 years of age.

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