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Where Willy Went by Nicholas Allan

Book Review: A fun book for kids about the great sperm race that makes babies!

Book Review

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Where Willy Went by Nicholas Allan is a humorous take on how babies are made. It is about a sperm named Willy, who is in training to win a great race where the prize is an egg.

This book DOES NOT talk about sexual intercourse but it does have a page with Mr and Mrs Browne in bed together, hidden under the covers, with text saying that they ‘joined together’.

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Ideal ages

What’s the ideal age for this book?

Where Willy Went by Nicholas Allan is ideal for children between the ages of 5 – 8 years of age.

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You can buy a copy of Where Willy Went by Nicholas Allan from Amazon or Book Depository.

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Hi, I’m Cath Hak from Sex Ed Rescue and today we are looking at a book by Nicholas Allan called Where Willie Went. This book came out in 2004, meaning it is becoming an older book. However, it isn’t meant to be accurate in the first place.

This is meant to be a book on how babies are made. It doesn’t, however, talk about sexual intercourse. Some of the images are a little suggestive, but it is child friendly. This story is funny, and I actually can’t wait to read this to my son.

So, as the story starts, it shows a picture of Mr. Brown and says that Willie lives inside of him. ‘Willie isn’t good at sums, but he is good at swimming,’ the book says. Then, it shows a drawing of Willie, a sperm, practicing.

As you can tell, this book isn’t that accurate. Usually, the sperm is made in one area then stored in another. Sperm also doesn’t practice swimming, but this story is based off a concept.

The prize that Willie and the other sperms are racing for is the egg inside of Mrs. Brown. In the drawings, the sperms are getting ready to race with their googles on and everything. There are also two maps which made me think, ‘Oh, what could those be about?’
One map is actually how to ‘Get Out’ then to follow the arrows to the treasure. The second one is how to ‘Get In.’ Now, even when I look at the picture of Mr. and Mrs. Brown in bed together, it does not suggest there is a vagina or any sexual organs. While it isn’t very accurate, this book is quite funny.

Above the image of Mr. and Mrs. Brown in bed, it reads, ‘This is the very night Mr. and Mrs. Brown joined together. The teacher cried go and the great swimming race began!’
Depending on how curious your child is, you might not have to discuss what they are doing in bed. But it can be useful for conversations.

The next page shows all the sperm swimming to the egg; it’s like a ‘Where’s Willie?’ sort of page. Where the hell is Willie among all the other sperm?

In the end, Willie gets to the egg and wins. We then see cell division happening, him becoming a baby, Mrs. Brown’s tummy getting bigger, then him being born.

What I really love about this story is the end of it. ‘Edna went to school, but she wasn’t very good at Maths like Willie. But Edna was a good swimmer.’ So, it has a funny little end there.
Where Willie Went is one of the many books you can use to talk about where babies come from. It’s especially useful if you have a kid who is curious about sperms and eggs. You could also use it for that first discussion about sex.

This book is pretty good and one of the few funny sex education books I’ve come across. Another one is Mummy Laid an Egg by Babette Cole, but there are not many funny ones out there.

Anyway, I hope this helps, cheers. 

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