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Girl Stuff by Kaz Cooke

Book Review:  A book for girls about being a teenager.

Book Review

Girl Stuff : Your full on guide to the teen years by Kaz Cooke is a book teenage girls that looks at everything girls need to know about being a teenager.

This book was last published in 2013.  Now, this is something that totally confused me, but there are two versions of this book. There is the Rough Guide to Girl Stuff and then there is Girl Stuff: Your full on guide to the teen years. The titles are different but the books are identical on the inside.  I am assuming that this is because sometimes they rename a book because it  will sell better in some countries, with a different name.  In late 2016, Kaz Cooke released a younger version of this book - Girl Stuff 8-12. And hopefully, she will update this book sometime soon. Not a lot has changed in the last 4 years other than pornography is more of an issue with teens now than it was before. Plus sexting, selfies and online bullying has escalated as well.

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What I love about Girl Stuff, is that Kaz Cooke takes a humorous (but still respectful) approach to puberty. I can't exactly remember the authors background, I think she is a journalist/author, but there are lots of  simple drawings that are used throughout the book.

Each chapter includes cartoons, info, hints, facts, useful lists, hundreds of quotes from other real girls (from the thousands aged 12 to 18 who responded to a Girl Stuff website survey), and the latest advice from more than 70 medical and other experts.

What's inside:

  • friends
  • body changes
  • shopping
  • clothes & make-up
  • pimples (arrghh)
  • clothes sizes
  • hair
  • embarrassment
  • what to eat
  • kissing
  • moods
  • smoking
  • handling love and heartbreak
  • why diets suck
  • exercise
  • guys
  • school stress
  • sex
  • what to say to bullies and mean girls
  • avoiding online and phone embarrassments
  • drinking
  • cheering up
  • getting parents to take you seriously
  • drugs
  • how to earn money
  • confidence
  • being happy with your own true self.

So, as you can see, Girl Stuff covers a lot of different subjects that are very topical for teenage girls. It does include some brief discussion about same-sex attraction but I feel it takes a very heterosexual approach to growing up. Also, gender is not discussed at all ie trans/rainbow/intersex teenagers.

Girl Stuff is one of those books that is almost an 'everything in one' book ie it covers nearly everything that a teenage girl needs to know about. As your kids get older, they are less likely to come to you with their questions. So books like this are good, in that they provide accurate information. Which means that  teens are less likely to google their question. Which means they are less like to stumble upon pornography or misinformation.

Girl Stuff  by Kaz Cooke, is a puberty book for teenagers that covers a diverse range of topics. It is a big fat book that is visually easy to read and is backed up by the expertise of the many health professionals who were consulted during it’s writing.

Ideal ages

Girl Stuff by Kaz Cooke is ideal for children between the ages of 12 - 14+ years of age.

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