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Mummy Laid An Egg by Babette Cole

Book Review: A fun book about how babies are made. 


A short overview of this book

Mummy Laid an Egg, by Babette Cole, is a really fun but educational read about how babies are made!

There aren’t many sex education books out there that are a pleasure to read, but Babette Cole has managed to do it!

This book DOES talk about sexual intercourse (sort of).

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Book Review

An overview of the book

Mummy Laid an Egg, is all about how babies are made. It talks about:

  • Mum and Dad decide that it is time to tell the kids how babies are made
  • they tell them all the made-up reasons that kids are commonly told
    • girls are made from sugar and spice and boys are made from slugs and snails
    • delivered by dinosaurs
    • make them out of gingerbread
    • find them under stones
    • grown from seeds
    • squeeze them out of tubes
    • mummy laid an egg
  • the kids laugh and tell their parents ‘what a load of rubbish’, and tell them that they were nearly right about seed, the tube and the egg
  • kids proceed to tell parents how babies are really made
    • mummy has eggs inside her tummy
    • daddy has seeds in seed pods outside his body
    • daddy has a tube and the seeds from the pods come out of it
    • the tube goes into mummy’s tummy through a hole, and the seeds swim inside using their tales – an arrow points from the penis to the vulva
    • drawings of the different ways that mums and dads fit together – on a space hopper, on a skateboard, etc
    • once the seeds are inside mum, the sperm race to see who gets to the egg first – winner gets the egg and it starts to grow into a baby
    • baby gets bigger and mummy gets fatter as the baby grows
    • and then the baby pops out – drawing of it coming out between the mummy’s legs
    • everyone has babies – animals too!

So, as you can see, Mummy Laid an Egg, is pretty comprehensive.  It is over 20 years old but is still quite relevant for this day and age.

But, it does just talk about the traditional way that babies are made ie  ‘penis in vagina’ sex. Nowadays babies are also made in other ways, such as IVF, with egg and/or sperm donation, adoption and/or surrogacy. So if your child wasn’t conceived the traditional way, you will need to let your child know that babies are also made in other ways eg IVF.

When we first start talking to kids about sexual intercourse, we tend to keep it pretty simple and talk about it in a very general way. We don’t fill in the details until they become more interested and begin to ask for more details. Talking to kids about sex, is a bit like learning to read, you need to understand the sounds before you can begin to sound out the words.

Reading tips

Make sure you have a look at the book, Mummy Laid an Egg, first (before you read it to your child)! That way you will know what to expect.  You can find some tips on how to read ‘sex ed’ books here.

different ways that babies are made

This book does talk about sexual intercourse. So do make sure that you go and have a look at it first – before you read it with your child! Don’t do what I did, and read it without looking at it first. I almost died when I came to the sex page!

Mummy Laid an Egg, by Babette Cole, is the only book that I know of, that makes a story out of how babies are made! It is a fun read, factual and well worth owning!

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Ideal ages

What’s the ideal age for this book?

Mummy Laid an Egg is ideal for kids aged between 5 and 7 years of age.

By the age of 5, some kids will be more interested in how babies are made, rather than where they come from. Which means that it is time to talk about ‘penis in vagina’ sexual intercourse.

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Where can you buy a copy of this book?

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You can buy a copy of Mummy Laid an Egg from Amazon and Book Depository.

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