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photo of pages of the paper dolls

Free (anatomically correct) printable paper dolls

These anatomically correct free printable paper dolls make a great conversation starter! Here are some free printable paper dolls that are a little different because they are anatomically correct! Yes,

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2 boys standing in front of a window

Child erection. How to explain them to kids

A common request that I receive from parents is about how to explain child erection. Their child may have started asking questions about why their penis grows bigger or harder. Or an older child may

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child masturbation, child holding leaf over face looking coy

Everything a parent needs to know about child masturbation

There are a number of things that our kids do when they are young that are totally normal and age-appropriate but they push our buttons. Child masturbation is one of those things ie a behaviour that often

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2 children playing doctor

What to do when you catch your child ‘playing doctor’

Playing doctor (having a look at your playmate’s genitals or private parts) is something that most kids do when they’re little.  Sometimes you catch them and sometimes you don’t. So

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naming private parts young child

Naming private parts. What’s a parent supposed to do? And why?

As a parent, we get told what we should (and shouldn’t do) a lot! And what to teach kids in regards to naming private parts, is one of those things that a lot of people have strong opinions on. Teaching

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