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Penis and foreskin care: from babies to teens

Inside: An informative guide to help parents in looking after their child's penis (and foreskin), as well as how to teach your child to look after their own penis. I receive a lot of questions from

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Child erection. How to have shamefree conversations with your child

Inside: A guide to help parents to talk to kids about child erections without shaming them or worrying about what's normal (or not). You'll find information relevant for children of all ages. A common

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child masturbation, child holding leaf over face looking coy

Everything a parent needs to know about child masturbation

Inside: Child masturbation is a common age-appropriate behaviour in kids. So should you be worried and how do you teach your child that it's private, without shaming them?There are a number of things that

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2 children playing doctor

What to do when you catch your child ‘playing doctor’

Inside: Many parents worry when they catch their child 'playing doctor'. Learn why kids examine each other's genitals, how best to respond and when to worry (or not).Playing doctor (having a look

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child putting hands in pants

Parents guide to managing kids with their hands in pants

Inside: A lot of parents worry about hands in pants. Find out why kid's do this and how to manage this behaviour in a shame-free way.You're not alone if you're a parent who just doesn't know what to do

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naming private parts young child

Naming private parts. What’s a parent supposed to do? And why?

Inside: Naming private parts with the correct name is something that parents are told they should do.  But why is this so important and is it still okay to use made-up names?As a parent, we get told

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Anatomically correct printable paper dolls

ANATOMICALLY CORRECT PRINTABLE PAPER DOLLSInside: Unsure about how to start talking to your child about the different body parts? These cute paper dolls (that happen to be anatomically correct) will help

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