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How to explain transgender to a child

A guide for parents on how to explain transgender to a child

  • 7 months ago

If you’re a parent, you might be wondering about how to explain transgender to a child. Transgender is a very topical contentious topic today. You will hear about it in the news, see it on the front

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child masturbation

Everything a parent needs to know about child masturbation

  • 8 months ago

There are a number of things that our kids do when they are young that are totally normal and age-appropriate but they push our buttons. Child masturbation is one of those things ie a behaviour that often

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child putting hands in pants

Child putting hands in pants: A guide for frustrated (or even worried) parents

  • 9 months ago

You’re not alone if you’re a parent who just doesn’t know what to do with a child putting hands in pants. It is a common concern for many parents, especially those with boys. Just talk

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when your child walks in on you

Parent tips on what to do when your child walks in on you having sex

  • 10 months ago

Finding time to have sex can be difficult, once kids come along. So when it does happen, you usually want to make sure that you enjoy it. But that can difficult, especially if you are living in fear of

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playing doctor

What to do when you catch your child ‘playing doctor’

  • last year

Playing doctor (having a look at your playmate’s genitals or private parts) is something that most kids do when they’re little.  Sometimes you catch them and sometimes you don’t. So

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naming private parts

Naming private parts. What’s a parent supposed to do? And why?

  • last year

As a parent, we get told what we should (and shouldn’t do) a lot! And what to teach kids in regards to naming private parts, is one of those things that a lot of people have strong opinions on. Teaching

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Where do babies come from Sex Ed Rescue

Where do babies come from? Tips on how to start explaining

  • last year

‘Where do babies come from?’ is one of those questions that most parents will be asked at some time and place. If you’re lucky, you won’t be asked whilst you’re lined up in a busy queue,

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